The Power of Kickstarter: Our Crowdfunding Success Story

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With the support of backers from around the world, we raised an impressive £46k, enabling us to establish a sustainable business and bring our unique creations to customers globally. A decade later, we return to Kickstarter, revisiting our origins to launch another beautiful tool for the creative journey, The AJOTO Pocket Paper Notebooks..

In this article, we want to share how Kickstarter campaigns have transformed our ideas into reality, the benefits they provide for small businesses like ours, and the incredible impact of community engagement and support on AJOTO's success. .

Turning Ideas into Reality

Kickstarter, the renowned crowdfunding platform, has been the launchpad for our innovative visions. It has connected us with communities and individuals who share our passion for creativity. Through Kickstarter, we directly reached a global audience eager to support and fund our projects. The funds we raised empowered us to transform our dreams into a thriving company, allowing us to directly reach customers across the world with our unique and timeless creations. .

Mitigating Risks and Enabling Viability

As a small business, Kickstarter campaigns have played a pivotal role in mitigating risks and ensuring viability. Crowdfunding has allowed us to focus on developing our products while enabling us to meet minimum order quantities. These thresholds often pose significant challenges for small businesses like ours, as high production costs can be prohibitive without sufficient orders. Kickstarter provided us with the opportunity to secure pre-orders, significantly reducing our financial risk. Additionally, the engagement and refinement suggestions from our supportive community have been invaluable. This collaborative process has enabled us to fine-tune our designs, refine details, and incorporate additional options before moving into full production.

The Influence of Preorders

The support we receive through preorders has a direct impact on our commercial success. While waiting for a Kickstarter project to be fulfilled may seem risky to some, preorders indicate a high level of interest, allowing us to adjust our manufacturing runs based on accurate demand.

This efficient allocation of resources also reduces waste, and overstocking which is also much more ecologically sustainable. Furthermore, preorders generate excitement and encourage orders from retailers worldwide, ensuring that our products are not only available online but also in physical stores, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Collaborating and Supporting Communities

Our commitment to supporting local communities and collaborating with small brands and manufacturers has been greatly facilitated by Kickstarter. When supporters back our Kickstarter campaign, they contribute to the growth of cultural and heritage industries worldwide. The success of Kickstarter enables us to create opportunities for local communities by fostering collaborations that preserve and celebrate traditional craftsmanship. Every purchase made through Kickstarter helps sustain these industries, promoting a diverse and vibrant creative landscape.


AJOTO's journey from our successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013 to our return to the platform a decade later showcases the transformative power of crowdfunding for small businesses. Kickstarter has provided us with the means to bring our ideas to life, mitigate risks, engage communities, and expand our global reach. By supporting us on Kickstarter, individuals become part of a larger community, contributing to the success of creative projects and fostering the growth of culture and heritage industries worldwide. Together, Kickstarter and its dedicated backers have the power to shape the future of innovative and sustainable businesses like AJOTO.


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