It's impossible to compare Portland to any other american city. It operates at it's own distinct pace that gives it a unique charm, vibe and spirit.

It's a city where the outdoors and the urban life merge, and weekends can be spent kayaking rivers, hiking mountains or even surfing the pacific. For those seeking a place to explore or a new work/life balance. Portland is the place to be.

We've picked a few out our favourite places in Portland to visit and captured a host of more places in our maps.

Portland Japanese Garden

After a long flight or drive, this spot is the perfect place to start your day. Get there early before the crowds and take in some calm while soaking up the beautiful city views. When we arrive in a new place we always seek out the best vantage point before we begin exploring and the Rose Garden doesn't disappoint.

Most importantly the tranquility of this place will set you up for the day ahead!

Open 10am-4pm everyday

Japanese Garden Website

Spella Caffe

If you like your coffee the european way then make a stop at Spella Caffe. This tiny coffee spot serves the best expresso in town as is free from laptop cables and blog surfers.

A quick espresso at the bar is the way to go, while you let the caffeine get to work.

Spella Cafe Website

Maak Lab Store

Not only can you pick up some Portland made produce but take a moment to chat with guys at Maak Lab who know the best spots in town to shop and explore. 

Not only this but Maak Lab's store is located in the perfect location with the nearby Powell's Bookshop and Hand-Eye Supply just a short walk away.


Stumptown Coffee tasting

Portland and coffee go hand in hand. We recommend grab one of the public bikes and making your way down to the best roaster in town, Stumptown. The best experience by far for any connoisseur is the tasting at Stumptown HQ.

You'll also find yourself on the other side of the river and ready to explore the emerging neighbourhoods of east Portland.

Stumptown Coffee Website

Mt Tabor Park

There are only three cities in the USA built on an exitinct volcano, Portland is one of these. Don't worry Mt Tabor is a dormant volcanic vent, so you can rest easy.

Walk beneath the pines as you make your way up to the top of the park but watch out for the longboarders hurtling down the steep slopes! If the sun is out then this is the perfect place to enjoy a picnic or timeout after a long day hiking the streets.

Knot Springs

Portland is a city to explore by foot or bike so as the sun begins to set we recommend indulging in an evening at Knot Springs Spa. This hidden gem sits above the river directly next to the infamous Burnside skate park (for the Tony Hawks fans).

It's the most amazing place to enjoy the Portland skyline. As you sit back in the jacuzzi you can make plans for an evening of food and beers in one of the many great bars and resultants across town. 

We recommend Tusk if you are looking for fresh local produce and something a little special.

Knot Springs website