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3d design of pen

Last year we began exploring a new pen concept. A new Pen that would offer an exciting alternative to the world of compact everyday carry pens..

If you are familiar with the current selection of compact pens – you'll be aware that they are either uncomfortably small, gimmicky or come with clunky caps and barrels. Well, we refuse to settle for the status quo.

We set out to design a new kind of Pen, using all of the knowledge and experience we have built up over the years of AJOTO. Producing a sleek, stylish pen that's not just a writing tool but a conversation starter. The AJOTO Pocket Pen will be clever, compact and crafted for an enjoyable writing experience.

After months of prototyping and testing ideas, we are narrowing in on the final design and we are happy to report that we are now gearing up for the next big stage. It's an exciting moment!

This is where we need your support! In order to make the AJOTO Pocket Pen a reality we will be launching on KICKSTARTER. We don't have an official launch date confirmed, but rest assured, it will be happening very soon – within the next couple of months, fingers crossed!

There are some minor details to iron out before we hit go, but are excited to use this time to share more details as we get closer to launch. We can't wait to embark on this adventure with you all.

Stay tuned for more news!

Chris & Marta


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