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The crown pen rest

The crown pen rest

The crown rest is a single Pen rest sculpted with a unique form that enables you to rest the pen in different positions. Read more.

To launch our new Pen Rest collection we have collaborated with the renowned Oliva Aspinall Studio, Nottingham and Lazerian, Manchester. Each piece is precision machined, hand finished and made using a bespoke material that combines production waste from our ebonite pens with a sustainable resin.

To create this limited edition collection we have used a range of experimental techniques and any perceived imperfection in the material and finish is part of the unique character of each individual piece.

A leather base made from the finest full-grain vegetable-tanned leather base from Tuscany, Italy is attached to each piece to cushion the rest and surface. The base colour will be randomly selected from four leather colours; black, yellow, purple and mahogany.

This edition is limited to 50 pieces and is packaged in a limited edition box.


• Year:

  • 2021

• Weight: 44 g

• Length:55 mm

• Material:Eco-resin with ebonite and vegetable-tanned leather (colour selected at random)

• Made in The UK


Although this is functional product damage may occur if the item is dropped.

We use natural materials and these can alter and change over time with exposure to various environments. The base of this rest is made using natural veg-tanned leather, please check that any surface this rest is placed on is appropriate and free of moisture to avoid staining or damage to surfaces.
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