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Sand Ebonite

Sand Ebonite

This collection of Pens highlight details or finishes that link to key moments in our journey so far. Read more.

Ebonite is vulcanised rubber material created by combining the highest grade natural latex and sulphur and putting it through an arduous process of refinement. The unique properties of ebonite make it a beautiful material to work with and produce a Pen that will last a lifetime. Unlike modern 'Petroleum plastics' or 'Resins' which are quickly moulded, Ebonite is produced using natural materials and has to be precision machined before being meticulously polished by hand. All of our Ebonite is sourced directly from one of the worlds best Ebonite producers in Germany who use no additives or hardeners in their process to speed up production.

Ebonite is still the material of choice for the finest Pen makers in the world and is also used in the production of high-quality musical instruments. Like the Brass Pens in our collection, the Ebonite Pen uses only two parts for the mechanism making it one of the simplest retractable Pens ever produced. Ebonite is warm to the touch, has a natural grip and is also very light at only 13grams, making it perfect for long hours of sketching or writing.

The Sand Ebonite Edition combines large swirl of Ivory white with streaks of Black. Each Pen is hand-ground and polished to mirror shine before finally having our AJOTO marks and details subtly engraved by precision laser. Every Pen in the Edition is completely unique and individual and no two Pens will ever be the same.


• Year:

  • 2020

• Weight: 13 g

• Length:136 mm

• Material:Ebonite

• Pen Made in the UK

• Black 0.7mm liquid ink rollerball refill made in Germany

The Pen is wrapped inside our bespoke letter-pressed card and cork gift packaging using 100% sustainable materials.


We use the highest quality Ebonite but as with all our products care must be taken to avoid extended exposure to UV light. Over a long period of time the appearance of the Ebonite may slowly and gracefully patina. As a vulcanised rubber, Ebonite is resistant to everyday drops and knocks, but please note that care must be taken to avoid drops which can lead to potential damage or cracking. Learn more in our Care & Repair page


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