The Journey

AJOTO is inspired by the greatest of human endeavours: “The Journey” . This simple action, born from curiosity, forms the core of everything from the greatest works of art and literature to the pioneering innovations in business and science.  

Our focus at AJOTO is to perfect the ultimate collection of timeless tools for your journey, each with a unique story that celebrates the people, places and process involved in their creation. Our story begins with the most important of creative tools, The Pen. This simple tool is at the heart of the toolset that we are developing to not only preserve the wonders past but more importantly inspire the innovations of the future.

A wiseman once said that “the journey is the reward” ; we couldn’t agree more.

be creative • stay curious


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three journeys

Journey to Production

A celebration of the people places and processes behind every material and element and components we work with.

Journey through design

The Creative Journey that comprises the stages of creative design & development that gives birth to our products.

Your Journey

Your Journey in life composed of the moments in-between where we find the most rewarding experiences.


Derived from the Japanese word じょうとう meaning superiority, first-class, of the highest excellence and quality

A compression of open ended statement that encapsulates our philosophy that the journey is the reward.

Derived from Proto-Indo-European to original nomadic language of Europe which means: "To another place."

Makers mark

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Inspired by traditional hallmarks, the Makers Mark is our seal of approval and catalogues each tool and collection.

The first mark represents the AJOTO vision and philosophy.

The second mark identifies the tool.

The third mark signifies the collection or group.

Hidden Details

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We believe that great design should take you on a journey.

From hidden patterns and symbols found in the packaging, to the celebration of the provenance behind each bespoke part, every product tells a story that grows with you the more you use them.

Advanced manufacturing

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In developing every tool AJOTO we look for new and intelligent ways to utilise the precision and accuracy of modern production techniques. Intelligently using these processes & the skill of those who supervise them enables us to create products in ways that were previously impossible.

Soul of Craft

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Behind every component we produce is a team of people with an unprecedented knowledge and passion for their craft. Whether it’s the programming of a precision CNC machine or the hand painted edges of a leather pouch, AJOTO is privileged to work with the incredible people behind each product and process.