Classic brass (sample sale)

The Pen is the ultimate tool to capture your thoughts and ideas

When we were creating new ranges and Editions we wanted to introduce a different raw brass finish that was more resistant to everyday use and had an antique feel right out of the box. To do this we experimented with a range of tumbling and finishing techniques. We have kept a selection of these pieces in our archive but are making a number available in this sample sale. These pieces use our older mechanism design but we have updated the spring and gasket to the latest materials and fully tested each Pen to ensure they work seamlessly.

The Classic Brass Pen is tumbled to produce a distinctive aged aesthetic. This imperfections of the finish add texture and detail making the Pen appear timeless. Like the core edition, this piece is uncoated allowing the owner to build up a distinctive patina.

The design is classic, simple and clean, which over time, oxidises and develops a rich and deep natural Patina. You can polish the Pen with a little some metal polish, but we suggest you just leave it and let the Pen evolve with you welcoming the marks of your Journey. The Lead-free Brass is also antimicrobial and naturally eliminates and kills harmful bacteria, which makes it great for use in sterile environments.

Unlike the other Pens in our collection the Brass Pen uses only twoparts for the mechanism making it one of the simplest retractable Pens

ever produced


  • Weight 55 grams
  • Length 136mm
  • 0.7mm liquid ink rollerball refill
  • Refills Made in Germany
  • Pen Made in the UK