Astronomical Stainless Steel (sample sale)

The Astronomical Edition Pen is a collaboration with our retailer Gembox in Russia. Each Pen is encased in a military grade ceramic coating that is hand applied and baked in a kiln for extreme hardness. The result is a deep matte black finish with a texture of white speckles unique to every Pen.

Creating the unique Astronomical Edition finish involved a lot of trail and error.  This is because this finish uses a specialist ceramic material that has to be hand applied and then baked in a kiln to cure. To achieve this finish we need to apply a coat of black ceramic and then follow this with a misting of white ceramic. Some of these test pieces were fully functional but during testing and inspection had some imperfections in the finish.

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  • Weight 50 grams
  • Length 136mm
  • 0.7mm liquid ink rollerball refill
  • Refills Made in Germany
  • Pen Made in the UK

The Pen comes wrapped in an anodised aluminium box cushioned inside moulded cork tray