Astronomical Aluminium and Ebonite (Sample Sale)




The Pen forms part of our one-off test samples from our archive.

Conditions may have some cosmetic imperfections from handling.

This version was never available for public sale or was used for our Atelier service sampling.

All Pens have been fully tested to ensure they work seamlessly.


This edition is prototype of an exploration into combining materials from our archive. The Pens combine a polished and matt black Ebonite Pen top with our astronomical aluminium Pen body. This was to form the basis of new collections and gives the Pen a unique look and feel.

In a world of screens and technology, it is easy to forget to look up to the sky. We wanted to create an Edition that reminded us of this simple action and reflected the biggest source of inspiration we have, the stars in the sky.

Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.
Stephen Hawking

We couldn't agree more.

Each Aluminium Pen is precision machined from a solid bar of Hi-grade Aluminium using state of the art manufacturing techniques then finished and polished by hand. This version of the pen is encased in a military grade ceramic coating that is hand applied and baked in a kiln for extreme hardness. The result is a deep matte black finish with a texture of white speckles unique to every Pen.

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  • Weight 25 grams
  • Length 136mm
  • 0.7mm liquid ink rollerball refill
  • Refills Made in Germany
  • Pen Made in the UK

The Pen comes wrapped in an anodised aluminium box cushioned inside moulded cork tray.