Stardust Brass


In the 1990's NASA established the Discovery program to study and collect and return dust samples from comets. These pieces are inspired by these missions and the spacecraft that took the journey to help further our knowledge. Each piece is created to reflect various elements of the mission and the technology involved.

Each Brass Pen is precision machined from a solid bar of Hi-grade brass using state of the art manufacturing techniques then finished and polished by hand. This version of the pen is encased in a military grade ceramic coating that is hand applied and baked in a kiln for extreme hardness. The result is a natural brushed  finish with a texture of black speckles unique to every Pen.

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  • Weight 55 grams
  • Length 136mm
  • 0.7mm liquid ink rollerball refill
  • Refills Made in Germany
  • Pen Made in the UK

The Pen is wrapped inside our bespoke letter-pressed card and cork gift packaging using 100% sustainable materials.