14ct Plated Gold Brass


The finest Pens that we produce that combine precious and rare metals and materials.

Unlike the other Pens in our collection the 14CT Gold plated Brass Pens use only two parts for the mechanism making it one of the simplest retractable Pens ever produced.

Precision machined from a solid bar of Lead-free Brass and then plated by hand with 14CT Gold. 14CT Gold is sometimes called champagne gold for its soft and neutral colour and for us is one of the most beautiful of all the gold alloys. When used for plating it adds a protecting layer to the Brass that is highly resistant to tarnishing and corrosion, meaning your Pen will maintain its bright finish for years to come.

The design is classic, simple and clean, with a 14CT plated gold finish.


  • Weight 55 grams
  • Length 136mm
  • 0.7mm liquid ink rollerball refill
  • Refills Made in Germany
  • Pen Made in the UK 

The Pen is wrapped inside our bespoke letter-pressed card and cork gift packaging using 100% sustainable materials.