Sterling Silver

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Unlike most precious metals, which are generally only reserved for the most luxurious jewellery or used sparingly in micro-electronics, Sterling Silver has maintained a broader appeal and is used to craft everyday items both decorative and functional.

Working with Sterling Silver is challenging, especially when combined with the advanced machining technology we use to produce the Pen. Firstly is the sourcing custom made Sterling Silver bar from a specialist supplier to ensure purity and quality. Secondly is need to code unique machining programs and adjust the thirty-two individual tools we require to make the Pen. All of which has to be completed by hand. This is a time-consuming process and also a little nerve racking as the smallest error can be extremely costly.

The results of this labour intensive process are incredible as the Sterling Silver body and top are not just aesthetic skins but fully functional pieces of luxury engineering. This, however, is not the end of the story, as after production it is imperative that each piece is Hallmarked and hand finished before final assembly.

To mark the occasion we chose to have all of our AJOTO Sterling Silver pieces Hallmarked at the world's oldest and most prestigious assay office, Goldsmiths in London. This legal process ensures that all customers and future generations can trace the mark and guarantee the purity of the Silver that we have used. All Hallmarks contain as a minimum the following marks; The maker's mark, date mark, Assay Office mark and fineness mark.

The Sterling Silver Pen has been an immense challenge, but extremely rewarding. We are proud to join over 700 years of manufactures and makers that bear the Leopard’s head of Goldsmith’s London and we look forward to featuring Sterling Silver in all future AJOTO collections.

The Sterling Silver pen is now sold out but you can join to our waiting list