It’s a great feeling to finally be holding and using The Pen everyday, its everything we imagined it could be all those months ago when we first started cutting metal.

To give you a rundown of where were up to. We refined the pitch of the thread on the twist part of the pen and added a leather gasket. This means that it only takes a single twist to activate the pen, the gasket also makes it really smooth. The twist is such an important point of interaction we really wanted to ensure it felt just right. We’re really pleased with how well it works, we can’t stop playing with them. The twist mechanism is modular so that you can mix and match the tops that go on it. We’re now working with the guys on some different variants of tops. The twist mechanism is held together with a custom made screw with Make Your Mark etched into it. This is one of the smallest details but its definitely our favourite.

The CNC machines are fully setup and our cutting program has been written and refined in order to give us the highest quality possible. We made a run of pre-production samples manufactured in exactly the same way as the full production pens. This was mainly done to prove that we can make the pen in volume without a hitch but also to test different surface finishes. A few days after finishing the samples we received certification from Roscomac for the Aerospace grade Aluminium we are using. All that is left to do now is give the guys a green light to go ahead with a full production run. 

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