Last week we visited one of our favourite spots in London - the wonderful Saatchi Gallery.

Last week we visited one of our favourite spots in London - the wonderful Saatchi Gallery. Each and every time we enter this exquisite place we don't know what we will be hit with, but can always guarantee that it will provide shock, humour, depth, and a mass amount of curiosity. The current exhibition UK/RAINE is Saatchi's first ever open competition for artists, with the aim to find and support the most imaginative and talented young emerging artists from the UK and Ukraine.

One of our favourites from this exhibition was Shadows by Roman Mikhaylov. This work is an installation of a series of warships created from objects made from burned wood. The artist explains this to be a multi-layer discourse about the time and memory that was actualised by the recent events in the Crimea of Russia. 

Another favourite was the powerful photography from the extremely talented Robin Hammond, who is the third winner of the Carmignac Photojournalism Award. For the work 'Your wounds will be named silence', Hammond looked to Zimbabwe as its subject, highlighting the intense violence and sorrow from the epic decline in the country. Through his intense research he managed to find a hidden urban poverty that others had somehow missed. The way he captured this great deprivation through the darkness of mood and lighting is outstanding, and one we won't forget.

We thoroughly enjoyed every exhibition Saatchi presented to us, from UK/RAINE to Jamie Hewlett: The suggestions, and Thailand Eye. We were certainly moved with an array of touching photography, however uplifted with some bizarre and wacky creations the gallery always has to offer. It's definitely a place that keeps you pondering, and leaves you with an urge of wanting to go back.

UK/RAINE will be running until the 3rd January 2016.

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