When we arrived we were able to inspect the uncut sheets that had already been expertly Foil Embossed and they looked awesome.

When we arrived we were able to inspect the uncut sheets that had already been expertly Foil Embossed and they looked awesome. Our packaging was going to be cut by Dez Gorringe, who expected the ‘Make Ready’ time on the Die Cutter to be about an hour. So we left him to it and spent some time catching up with Louise and admiring our copper foiling plates. We also got time to have a great conversation with Paul Winter who had some really useful advice about our product. It was always really important to us that companies we worked with felt as much a part of the project as we do. So it’s great when the guys you work with give their view on what were trying to achieve.

As it turned out the ‘Make Ready’ was more straightforward than Dez had anticipated and we were soon up and running. The machine Dez uses is actually an old Heidelberg Press that the guys had converted for die cutting. Within the printing industry Heidelbergs are legendary for their unmatched quality and versatility. The presses used for both our foil embossing and our die-cutting are both over 50 years old and are still performing to the highest standard. The lids for the pen packaging were triplexed and cut by Jan Tekin who did a great job. We used GF Smith ColorPlanstock for everything. Its pretty much the go to paper for high quality printing, it also means we can trace our paper right back to the the forest where it came from. We think the results are amazing, we couldn’t be happier with our packaging.

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