What to Look for in a Pocket Pen Refill


When it comes to pocket pens, the ink refill is just as crucial as the pen's design. No matter how stylish or ergonomic the pen is, its true value is determined by the quality of the ink that flows from its nib.

Over the past few months, we've been rigorously testing various ballpoint refills to identify the ideal one for our soon-to-be-launched pocket pen.

The Quest for the Perfect Pocket Pen Refill

The AJOTO pocket pen has been designed for convenience and portability, making it an essential tool for those always on the go. Therefore, we needed a refill that was not only robust and dependable but also ready for any adventure. After extensive testing, we believe we've found the perfect refill. But first, let’s cover some basics:

Rollerball vs. Ballpoint Refills: What’s the Difference?

Though rollerball and ballpoint refills may look similar, they operate on different technologies and formulations.

Rollerball Pen Refills:

  • Ink Type: Water-based, similar to fountain pen ink.
  • Writing Experience: Smooth, with a consistent line due to low-viscosity ink. Drying Time: Takes longer to dry, which can lead to smudging depending on the paper used.
  • Ink Release: Liquid ink is released onto the paper with light pressure, resulting in a rich colour.

Ballpoint Pen Refills:

    • Ink Type: Oil-based, thicker and more viscous.
    • Writing Experience: Requires more pressure, providing a wider line and greater control over smudging and bleed-through.
    • Drying Time: Quick-drying with little to no smudge.
    • Surface Compatibility: Can write on more surfaces than rollerball inks, though the writing experience may be less smooth and consistent.
    • Both types use capillary action to release ink. However, rollerball refills need careful storage due to their lower viscosity, which makes them more prone to leaks if exposed to absorbent materials like pocket lint or paper.

The Benefits of D1 Ballpoint Refills

We have chosen to design our pocket pen around the standard D1 refill, and here’s why:

1. Universal Compatibility

D1 refills, measuring 67mm in length and approximately 2.3mm in diameter, are the standard for most compact and multi-function pens. This universal dimension makes them easily available worldwide, offering our customers the flexibility to find replacements or experiment with different brands..

2. Consistent and Smooth Ink Flow

The D1 refill delivers immediate ink flow, even after prolonged periods of non-use. This ensures that your writing remains strong, precise, and clean, offering an exceptional writing experience.

3. Durability and Resilience

Thanks to advanced technology, our D1 refills boast excellent cap-off time, meaning they don't require cap sealings. This ensures a long-lasting, premium writing experience without the worry of the ink drying out.

Final thoughts

The perfect pocket pen refill combines universal compatibility, smooth ink flow, and durability. By choosing the D1 ballpoint refill, we ensure that our pocket pen meets the high standards our customers expect, providing a reliable and enjoyable writing experience no matter where their adventures take them. Stay tuned for the launch of our new pocket pen, designed with the perfect refill to match its exceptional design.




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