Words by: Marta Verdes
Images: Chris Holden

AJOTO X The Journal Collection : The first AJOTO limited edition collaboration with The Wall Street Journal

AJOTO X THE JOURNAL COLLECTION EDITION was the first AJOTO limited edition collaboration with The Wall Street Journal, as part of their new store. After months of research and development, the result is a perfect balance between luxury and simplicity, function and style. The first batch of 200 AJOTO EDITION Pens used a stainless-steel body with unique finishes brass top. To make every Pen unique, we worked closely with our plating specialist in London to develop an antique copper finish for the brass tops.

Overwhelmed by the good reception for the USA WSJ’s customers. We developed two different versions for the next batch. A classic Core option which refines the current Pen proposition while maintaining the original aesthetic vision. The clean lines combine solid stainless-steel body with a unique bronze Stainless steel top.

The second version, a premium edition Pen featuring a prestigious Hall Marked Silver Pen Top and a military grade ceramic coating Pen barrel. It’s sophisticated in every detail, yet ready to start a new journey with you.   The Journal Editions, as all AJOTO products, was designed to the highest standards and built to last a lifetime. All the editions were packaged with a Pen Pouch in a handmade gift box.

Through our hands, we assembled more than 600 limited edition pen at our studio in Manchester. As a small team of two people in charge of a big project,  It was tough and required a lot of hardworking. But great collaborations like this enable us to explore and experiment with new materials, shapes and finishes that make us possible to expand our range of timeless tools.

This Limited Edition is now exclusively available to purchase on our online shop while stocks last.



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