Words by: Marta Verdes
Images: Chris Holden

A celebration of the NASA Discovery program. The whole collection is manufactured from hi-grade metals using state of the art manufacturing techniques then encased in a military-grade ceramic coating.

For this limited edition, AJOTO have produced 3 distinctive versions: Stardust Brass, Tempel Stainless Steel and Wild Aluminium which are limited to twenty pieces each.

In the 1990s NASA established the Discovery program to study and collect dust samples from comets. These pieces are inspired by these missions and the spacecraft that took the journey to help further our knowledge. Each piece is created to reflect various elements of the mission and the technology involved.

The whole collection is produced in the United Kingdom.The manufacturing process is the result of modern craft. Combining manual and traditional processes with state of the art machinery. Once machined and splattered, the pieces were returned to our Manchester studio- workshop for hand-finished. The final step is to hand-assemble and checks every piece before they can begin their journey with you

Each pen is precision machined from a solid bar of Hi-grade brass, Stainless Steel or Aluminium using precision manufacturing techniques then finished and polished by hand. This version of the pen is encased in a military-grade ceramic coating, known as cerakote, that is hand applied in a kiln for extreme hardness. The result is a natural brushed finish with a texture of black speckles unique to every pen.

The AJOTO DISCOVERY EDITION pen collection is now available on the AJOTO online shop and selected retailers worldwide. Our Editions are produced in small and limited batches and may be discontinued at any time.



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