We are AJOTO, an award-winning British stationery manufacturer producing some of the world's finest creative tools.

Every piece in our collection is created by combining the precision of advanced engineering with the soul of traditional craft and is enhanced by the passing of time.

A Journey To..

We are Chris and Marta and over the past 10 years we have built AJOTO from the ground up into a renowned design and manufacturing studio.  Our name AJOTO, which is a compression of the incomplete sentence ‘A Journey to… ‘ embodies our philosophy that true value doesn't lie in the destination but the journey we take.

Although we design and develop everything in our UK workshop our story is global, from where find inspiration to the carefully selected specialists from across the UK and Europe that we work with.


'Timeless' is the foundation of our studio practice, it is rooted in all our decisions and creates the common bond between everything we make.

We design and create tools that are built to last and be handed down for generations. Tools that come with a lifetime warranty and are made consciously with a deep understanding and care for the resources used.

Made by, not just made in.

We coined this phrase to reflect our strongly held belief that the art of manufacture should always be an open celebration of people, places and processes.

Alongside our studio workshop, we work with over 30 independent specialists across the UK and Europe to create our tools. From the outset, we have sought to connect our customers with the story of production so they can fully appreciate and value the skill, experience and knowledge that goes into making every item.