Founded in 2011, our focus is to create the perfect collection of timeless tools for your journey, which combine the precision of advanced manufacturing with the soul of craft. 

From our design studio in the heart of manchester we oversee all
aspects of ajoto from the initial concept to the assembly and packaging of every tool we create.


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We begin every project with in-depth research. Getting away from the computer screen and exploring the world.

Only after awakening our senses, having new experiences and being creatively curious, do we begin laying the foundations.


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Everything we create at AJOTO is designed and refined by our team in Manchester. We take our time to explore all options, refining forms and obsessing over every detail.


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AJOTO works closely with specialist production partners - who are the best at what they do - enabling us to push and challenge our understanding of what is possible.

Our network is constantly evolving as we learn and introduce new processes, materials and finishes.


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The finishing touch and final checks are carried out by AJOTO to ensure that everything we create meets the highest quality standards.

This is the most crucial step of our journey before each tool begins its journey with you.


Our small in-house creative team, Chris, Mac and Marta, work side-by-side with our expansive network who we see as part of our ever expanding AJOTO group. Alongside producing product, digital and strategic design work for a selective groupof clients. 

Our core team is focused on collab jorating with our specialists around the UK & Europe and in designing for, delivering to and supporting our customers around the world.


Our studio and showroom is located in a Grade II listed cotton mill in the heart of the historic Ancoats district of Manchester, home of both the industrial revolution and the first modern computer.


We love to make time to chat to passionate people about interesting things. Whether it’s a special project, idea for a collaboration, becoming a stockist or if you would like to be part of our team, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us on our contact page using the link below.

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