In 2013 we launched the Pen after over two years of design and development. Unlike anything seen before in the world of stationary, The Pen is a true tool of minimalist luxury.

Elegant, honest and original; every detail is the result of tireless hours of iteration and care from the bespoke packaging to the unique twist mechanism. The tapered design and unibody construction made possible by recent advancements in automated machining technology. 

The original aesthetic perfectly balances form and function, to create a utilitarian design which still captured the soul and care that has gone into its production.



The Pen is the perfect tool and companion for your journey. Designed to be used everyday and last a lifetime we wanted the first tool we created to be the one we used to design everything from that point onwards. 

So whether your travelling the world or day dreaming in a cafe, The Pen is there for when inspiration strikes. 






Just like the knives of a Michelin star chef, great people require beautiful tools; perfectly balanced and made with precision.

We have spent countless months refining every surface of the Pen. The result is an effortless tear drop, which tapers from front to back. This shape gathers the weight of the body to create the perfect balance point whether you are writing, sketching or drawing. This balance point means the pen sits perfectly in your hand while providing a comfortable grip as you use it .  

These details although simple take years to refine but the end result looks and feels inevitable. 


A Unique twist 

At the heart of The Pen is the twist, a simple and decisive gesture that works so well you won’t want to put it down.

Minimising complexity and focusing on quality, each of the Pens five key components has a unique purpose. The components are cut and crafted using state of the art machines usually reserved for aerospace and Formula1 parts. The ability to make this kind of Pen is down to recent advancements in automated machining and cutting technology.

From the outset it was important that The Pen must feel incredible both when in use and when just held in the hand pondering an idea.



One DESIGN • Many Looks

The Pen is produced using both brass and aluminium, which gives us an incredible array of process to use when it comes to finishing and also two distinctive weights.

We understand that your Pen is something very personal so whether you love the natural patina of brass, the untarnishable properties of rhodium or the deep matte black of anodising there is Pen for you.

We work with the worlds finest precious metal platers and anodisers to achieve the impeccable finish on each and every Pen.


packaged to tell a story

The experience of owning your Pen starts with the packaging and we believe the theatre and thought behind the unboxing is as important as The Pen itself. 

By combining cork, aluminium and card in a completely new way the box not only protects your pen but that tells a story of the beautiful tool you will find inside. 

None of this is at the expense of the environment, as all the materials we use are recyclable and are from certified sources . 


[ MADE BY NOT JUST made in ]


Working closely with the finest manufactures in the UK and Europe we spent over two years refining every detail. This powerful combination of contemporary design and years of skill and knowledge ensures The Pen is of the highest in quality.

Each Pen is assembled, checked and packed by hand in our studio in Manchester.


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A quote from the experts


Sometimes I can just feel when a Pen is vastly differenT than others, and this one of those times.

The Pen by AJOTO is a work of art. A highly functional, want to use it all the time work of art.

Brad Dowdy - The Pen addict