Established in 2011, AJOTO was founded upon a vision where the journey of production was just as important as the destination. Based in the heart of Manchester, we take time to develop our ideas and seek out manufacturing specialists who share our values. By collaborating closely with them, we develop elegant and bespoke products which can be used everyday and treasured for a lifetime. 


In developing every detail we work with the finest craftspeople and materials we can find, learning from their years of experience and knowledge and producing tools which are unmatched in quality and experience.




creating the perfect version of the tools we use everyday. 



We believe that great design should take you on a journey. From hidden patterns and symbols found in the packaging to the celebration of the provenance behind each bespoke part, every product tells a story that grows with you the more you use them. Our approach isn't one of styling or opportunity, quite the opposite, it's the pursuit of creating the perfect version for the tools we use everyday. 



A Journey To...



AJOTO is the compression of  "A Journey To.." , a philosophy which encapsulates our belief that it's the moments in-between where we find the most rewarding experiences.



Be Creative • Stay Curious





As a studio we design, develop and manage every part of AJOTO, from the graphic and product design to sourcing suppliers and materials.



If you are interested in working with us we'd love to hear from you. studio@ajoto.com