Tempesti Part 5: Distribution

We were guided to a room above the finishing area where hides are checked, stamped and wrapped for shipping. Hides are processed depending on a specific order, each hide is sorted and then marked with 3 symbols. The first symbol indicates the quality of leather ranging from grade 1 to 3. The finest hides are predominantly used for larger details of a product such as panels for luggage. Lower grade leather may have a few imperfections in it, which makes it appropriate for smaller or less prominent details such as handles for bags. The next symbol denotes the size of the hide, while the final one is Tempesti's unique makers mark. Once marked the leather is rolled in brown paper to avoid creases to the leather during transportation.

Throughout our journey we were struck by the joy and pride each member of the Tempesti team took from their job. There is a rich heritage of quality and integrity to the way leather has been produced in Tuscany over the last 3000 years that each employee feels a responsibility to uphold. At every stage of production it is clear that there is a reverence for the animals from which this material has its origins. With that reverence comes a responsibility to ensure that the leather they produce is of the highest quality and will last as long as possible. It is very much a philosophy that we share, which is why the products we create must do justice to not only the efforts of everyone at Tempesti but also the animals lives that are sacrificed.

We’d like to thank everyone at Tempesti, particularly Emiliano Frangioni for giving us such an amazing tour of the factory and Chris Scopes for organising our visit.