Tempesti Part 3: Customising

Once the tanned hides arrive here they are treated in various ways depending on the final specification of the leather being produced. It is at this stage that colours of the hides are fine tuned using an automated dying conveyer. Having achieved the correct colours the damp hides are again hung in order to fully dry out.

Whatever the application Tempesti can produce an appropriate finish, often working closely with their clients to produce bespoke effects using dyes and embossing. However, they also have a vast range of stock colours and finishes that suit the majority of needs. When you see what is achievable through vegetable tanning it’s hard to understand why anyone would choose to use chromatically treated leather. As Emiliano explained, for many companies cost is the driving force in a product’s development and that is simply not a philosophy that Tempesti or any of the Tuscan tanneries subscribe to.