Telegraph Luxury


Telegraph luxury is a bi-annual and daily digital publication from The Daily Telegraph. The launch of Telegraph Luxury is the next stage in the Telegraphs digital development; offering something new and exciting to their loyal readership whilst also reaching a new audience. Run by an amazing team of experts and writers, they bring a fresh take on the luxury world.

Henrietta Thompson's article Playing for time, explores how designing for luxury is no longer about opulence but about providing us with the opportunity to indulge in time and slow down from the pace of modern life. 


Quote from the article

As the bling bling of flashy luxe ebbs quietly out of fashion, the "new" luxury taking its place is defined by the far more sophisticated qualities of craftsmanship, detail and design...Take, for example, old-fashioned stationery. Investing extra care and minutes in writing a note by hand is mindful and rewarding. Use a spun brass Ajotopen to be further reminded as you unpackage it from its box that "Making a mark represents the first step on the journey from a great idea to great endeavor". An email doesn’t have the same sense of action, does it?


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