States Of Mind

Ann Veronica Janssens - The Wellcome Collection



Words : Brittany Wilson

Photos : Chris Holden


As part of their year long States of Mind exhibition, The Wellcome Collection has recently introduced Ann Veronica Janssens’ mystical creation ‘yellowbluepink’, appropriately named after the vibrant colours filling the room.

On entering the grand building we were met with a long line of curious visitors waiting with anticipation to discover the new installation before them. After a long wait we were finally through the double doors to entered into a world of multi-coloured mist.

Wonderful colours of bright hot pinks, yellows, mint greens and blues all merged together with the never-ending mist pouring into the white walled box room. The idea behind the installation is the question of consciousness, with the use of light and colour creating a truly sensory environment. By putting the entire emphasis on the simple fact of experience, Jansenns provides a disorienting and uplifting moment, which you are completely immersed in. Even without a full understanding of consciousness you can definitely grasp the feeling and depth Janssens is trying to create.

Although the space had a tight limited capacity, the hazed room quickly filled with sounds of loud excitable voices. Had the room have been completely silent and slow moving this concept of consciousness would have been far more apparent. However as a whole ‘yellowbluepink’ was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. We walked into many walls and even managed to get lost several times - definitely one we won't forget.



The exhibition ‘States of Mind’ runs until the 3rd of January 2016, so if you’re in London it's one to check out.