Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2012

Due to Ai Weiwei’s legal confinement to his native China the collaboration took place predominantly over Skype. The team began with a five foot excavation on the site revealing structural elements from the previous eleven Pavilions. Veiled in sheets of cork these artefacts formed the landscape of this years space. The excavation was deep enough to reach ground water where a well was built to provide a source for the mirror-like reservoir roof. Although the impact of the whole structure was surprisingly subtle this only added to its charm. Using cork really heightened the sense of harmony with the landscape. The material created great natural acoustics under the roof whilst being robust enough to allow adults and kids to use the space as they saw fit. This is a great public space with a really nice narrative, brilliantly executed.

We are currently working with Amorim who provided all the cork for the pavilion. Well be in Portugal visiting their farms and facilities in the next month, so expect an entry on that soon.