Roscomac Precision Engineering

One of the most intriguing and satisfying parts of what we do is seeking out people who not only have the ability to make what we need but also share our vision and passion for doing it right. Finding these people is a long and slow process but eventually with persistence you can strike gold. We've visited so many engineering/manufacturing facilities over the last few months and none of them have impressed us as much as Roscomac. They seem to be one of those rare companies that truly take pride in what they do and are excited by a project that will take them out of their comfort zone. Founded back in 1976 by Fernando Martello, Roscomac is now managed by his son Joe. Specialising in precision CNC manufacture for some of the world's leading companies they have retained a genuine family atmosphere. Having had an initial meeting with Joe and the guys to discuss what we are trying to achieve and seeing how excited they got we knew we were in good hands.

For anyone not familiar with CNC manufacture you need look no further than Apple's MacBooks to see what is possible with the process. In the simplest terms the process involves a solid block of material being formed into a desired shape using a drill controlled by a computer. Fundamentally, if using the process with aluminium all the material that is removed can be fully recycled.

Over the next few months as the project moves along we will reveal in more depth the process we are using and the key people we are working with. In the meantime check out the photos from our factory tour and stay tuned for more.