In the words of the LumberJac Blog;

LumberJac isn’t about finding the best tree, or even cutting it down. It’s about using that perfect two-headed axe and turning that lush pine tree into the perfect Christmas tree. It’s about frying up the perfect piece of crispy bacon in that seamless cast iron pan, laying down that fresh set of tracks using a set of 1970s snowshoes, being first in line for the long awaited smart phone or eating a satisfying flapjack breakfast and looking your best while doing so.


A quote from the article

Write with conviction using an Ajoto Pen. Designed with purpose and crafted to perfection, this pen is a reinvention of an age-old tool. If Apple was in the Pen business, this is probably what their pen would look, feel, and write like. Not only has every detail been carefully considered and designed, but the whole manufacturing process and materials selection has been meticulously planned.



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