Kickstarting The Pen

We gave ourselves one week to write, storyboard, record and edit our film as well as photograph the pen and write the copy for the page. At the time we felt that this was pretty achievable between three of us. However, our one video soon turned into three and our one week deadline soon turned into one month. We worked 7 days a week with about 3 to 4 hours sleep on the studio couch each night. In short, it was a pretty intense process!

Our first video focused on the story of The Pen, giving an insight into the process of manufacture. Next was a stop-frame animation, introducing The Pen in a visual and engaging way. Finally, we created an instructional video to give you the best understanding of how the product looks and feels without physically having it in your hands. It was also important to us that our photographs were press quality as blogs play such an important part in the success of a Kickstarter project.

Visiting various suppliers across the country and locations around London we ended up with around 10 hours of video footage and thousands of photos to edit. We covered all of the lighting in the studio with white paper to remove shadows from product photography. We wrote and re-wrote copy for the Kickstarter page and the film. We also recorded and re-recorded narration that ultimately didn’t quite fit with the tone of our project and wasn’t used.

Its very hard to communicate what we went through in that month of making and in turn our experiences while the Kickstarter campaign was live. It was an incredibly stressful but ultimately hugely rewarding process. There is nothing better than finishing something and knowing that you couldn’t have worked any harder. For us if we expect you to invest in our product and philosophy then some blood, sweat and tears is the least you deserve. After 20 days our project reached its funding goal and by the end of the campaign we were 300% funded. We are now working as hard as possible to deliver pens and cant wait to hear what you think when you get them in your hands.