Swarovski Digital Crystal


Each designer was challenged to explore the future of memory and the responses were pretty eclectic. Philippe Malouins Blur although initially quite basic looking, came alive when photographed. Using Microsoft Kinect technology Arik Levys Osmosis Interactive Arena was really cool and totally immersive. It’s actually a piece taken from his Swarovski commissioned Transparent Opacity show. Ron Arad weighed in with an interactive chandelier called Lola. It actually worked as well, I sent an AJOTO SMS and as you might be able to see from the photograph above it produced a spiralling series of AJOTOs. Nice one Ron and Co. My highlight was Hilda Hellstrms Monument, which incorporated a short film as well as a hanging sculpture created by milling crystal and a new rock of the artists own concoction. The piece was inspired by Wattens, the mountainous Austrian region that is home to Swarovski.

Totally worth a trip if you’re in the Shad Thames area.