Designs of the Year 2012

One of my favourite projects was Suwappu, a collaboration between Berg London and Dentsu. I’ve got to admit I’ve been a Berg fan for ages now, their digital/physical explorations always produce really thoughtful and exciting results. Suwappu is no exception, a set of modular characters that interact with one another through augmented reality. It seems like a lovely way to engage kids in physical play by providing a window that will literally augment their imagination.

Not necessarily the most glamorous project but definitely one of the most worthy was The Helen Hamlyn Centres redesign of the Ambulance. For me it is a great example of how well considered, common-sense design can make potentially lifesaving change.

Elsewhere in the show Noma Bars negative space illustrations, Troikas Thixotropes commissioned by Selfridges and Barber Osgerbys Olympic Torch shone brightest of all.