Daniel Silver: Dig

Hidden away in a derelict building site, which one housed one of London’s largest Odeon Cinemas, just off one of Tottenham court road is an immersive sculptural exhibition, by Sculpture Daniel Silver and aptly named ‘Dig’. The exhibition is a commission by the London-based arts organisation Artangel, one of the most prolific progressive arts commissioning programs in the UK.

On entering the site we were confronted with a space, which at first glance wouldn't look out of place in Pompeii, crammed full of sculptures carefully laid out on trestle tables in various states of distress. Moving around the each of the tables, we started to noticed groups of sculptures all sharing various primitive forms. Exploring each sculpture you begin to understand the impossible task faced by archaeologists and historians when confronted with something never seen before and asked to explain it's origin and use.

After taking a heap of photographs we decided it was time to leave the first level and descended a set of scaffold stairs into the basement of the structure. Unlike the first space this level contained much larger sculptures, all of which resembled the psychologist Freud, Silver’s inspiration and muse for the exhibition. After walking around the floating floor and giving freud a good looking over we took the stairs back to the entrance and joined the hustle and bustle of London and Tottenham court road.

The whole exhibition was an incredible experience, something heightened by the clever choice of location in reference to the context of the exhibit. So, next time you see an ArtAngel or Daniel Silver exhibition make sure you make room in your calendar for a visit as we can guarantee it’ll be worth it!