Cork Tray Samples

We’ve had to reject a lot of samples as they were either too long, too short, too thick or the pen wouldn’t fit inside properly. Naturally these are the type of challenges you always face when developing a product for manufacture. It can often be pretty frustrating and usually takes several months to iron out all the issues. In this case the mold had to be adjusted and recoated with Teflon a couple of times, which is quite a lengthy process. There was also a month long national holiday in Portugal during August to contend with.

After almost a year since we first made contact with Amorim, we are now at the stage where the cork fits inside the aluminium tube perfectly, as does the pen inside the cork. As your first point of contact with the product the packaging is really important to us, we really wanted to get it right. It’s taken a long time and I think we probably pushed Emília and Sara’s patience to the limit but the packaging is looking perfect, they did a great job.