BP Portrait Awards

Every year I’m blown away by the standard and this year was no exception. The level of detail that so many of the artists achieve is incredible. I managed to time my visit whilst 3rd place artist Alan Coulson was giving a brief talk about his piece, Richie Culver. It was really interesting to hear a bit of background about his work and his relationship with the sitter from the man himself. The overall winner was Auntie by Brooklyn based artist Aleah Chapin; a beautifully honest nude piece completely brought to life through the use of bright white negative space. Colin Davidsons subtly dynamic The Dialects of Silence (Portrait of Michael Longley) was one of my personal favourites, along with Carl Randalls Mr Kitazawas Noodle Bar, Tokyo and Ignacio Estudillos El abuelo (Agustn Estudillo) as well as Alex side view by Alex Hanna. Finally, I loved Ismail Acars use of texture in his piece Pasha Triptych. I particularly liked that he signed his name in braille encouraging people to touch the work, obviously no one did for fear of a telling off.

If you’re around Trafalgar Square and looking for something to do the exhibition is on until 23rd September at the National Portrait Gallery, its free and its awesome.