A Journey to... Brighton

Having grabbed a quick bit of lunch from Brighton Burger, an independent cafe in the middle of the of 'The Lanes', we stumbled across an impressive sculptural exhibition by basket maker Annemarie O'Sullivan. Created for Fabrica, the sculptures were woven together using the ancient skills of basketry and made from locally-sourced Willow and Coppiced Ash. As you know by now we are fascinated by people who push materials and processes, and this little exhibition didn’t disappoint and we'll be sure to seek out more work from Annemarie in the future.

After exploring and taking a good chunk of photographs for the inspiration bank we made our way down to the beach. If you've never been to Brighton before then be warned that the beach is pebbly and the sea is a little on the cool side (although that doesn't stop the locals taking a dip). Eventually we pulled ourselves away from the seafront and made our way back to the station to catch the fast train back to the big smoke to review footage and crack on with the next stage of development.