A Morning at Identity Print

I didn’t spot too many flowers, however what I did get to see was lots of awesome print. David Blakeman did the honours with the tour, taking a good 2 hours out of his day to answer all of my questions and go through some of their past work. Identity keep as many processes in-house as possible, which as we’ve found out over the last few months isn’t typical. Quite often printers will specialise in processes such as Foiling or Lithography and sub-contract a company to do the bits they don’t have facilities for. David explained that for them it makes the most sense to keep things in-house as it gives them tighter control over quality control. As a fully FSC and PEFC accredited company it also gives them tighter control over their supply chain. They only use sustainably sourced stock, as much water based ink as possible and they recycle everything that isn’t used.

With an impressive body of work for clients such as Alexander McQueen, Mulberry, Stella McCartney and The Design Museum to name a few, they pride themselves on the fact that no job is too big or too small. The next day a university field trip was due to visit the facility. An initiative they have been running for a number of years where Graphic Design students submit their artwork and are able to see first-hand all of the processes involved in printing it. At the end of the day they are able to take their fully printed and finished work home. This investment in design at a grassroots level is testament to how passionate Identity Print are about what they do. Of course they want future clients but more importantly they want designers to understand and experiment with print.

So, it would seem we have found our printer! Thanks a lot to Louise Hollamby for organising the visit, David Blakeman for his time and all the guys for not running too far when I pointed a camera at them.