With Love Project - Book


With Love Project is the brain child of Manchester Design and Photography duo Chris Roberts and Rob Evans. 

To coincide with their highly successful website that documents 'people who make with passion' from across the UK they decided to put their words and pictures into print and produce a book.

Funded through the Kickstarter platform three months ago, they are already enjoying a phenomenal response and were very recently the centre piece of a exhibition at Fortnum and Masons in London. 

We are proud to have been featured in the book alongside some incredible companies, and if you want to pick up a copy you'll have to be quick as they are limited to 1000 units.

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Hole and Corner


Hole & Corner celebrates craft, beauty, passion and skill.

It’s about people who spend more time ‘doing’ than ‘talking’, who put content above style, whose work is their life.

Through a quarterly print magazine and a regularly updated digital platform, they aim to promote local trade and talented individuals, whether professional or amateur, exploring and celebrating the landscape that inspires them. Combining these subjects with some of the world’s finest still life, style and fashion photographers, their goal is to present a lifestyle and culture in a way previously unseen.

Quote from the article

It may sound as if it's hails from Shibuya, but 'minimalist travel brand' Ajoto actually comes from Manchester - the name is a com[pressoin of 'A Journey To...' Founder Chris Holden was inspired by how the digital world has paradoxically promoted a revival of the tactile.

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GQ is the leading Mens magazine in the world and write by an international team of influencers and stylists.

We received a request from the photo editor MATT MARTIN for one of our Pens to include in an article written by  BERNARD CAPULONG the man behind the phenominal website Everyday Carry. The article discusses a topic close to our hearts, Pens, and their role in a world dominated by technology overload. 

The Pen is a symbol of creative and opportunity, something personal and physical.  

Quote from the article

The Low-Key Baller Pen Because You Deserve Dope Things: The Pen by Ajoto. This isn’t your typical grey-haired bigwig exec’s luxury pen with a black resin barrel and gold trim. It’s a pen for the modern minimalist, complete with a nearly sterile, purpose-driven design.


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Words: Chris Holden 

Photos: Flore Diamant

Illustration: Joe Gamble


During the first two weeks of December we had the pleasure of presenting a small installation in the centre of our official stockist Clerkenwell London. The installation showcased the unique production journey of our first tool The Pen from raw material to final product. 


To celebrate the last day of the installation we invited customers, friends and followers to join us for live illustration, drinks and conversation at the store. Our illustrator Joe Gamble and photographer Flore Diamant we're on hand to capture the evening; a section of their images can be enjoying as you scroll down. The evening was great fun and we want to give a big thank you to all the staff at Clerkenwell for their incredible hospitality.


We are planning some more exciting events for 2016 so keep a check on our social media and newsletters for information and dates.



Visit to The Saatchi Gallery

Saatchi Gallery


Words : Brittany Wilson

Photos : Brittany Wilson



Last week we visited one of our favourite spots in London - the wonderful Saatchi Gallery. Each and every time we enter this exquisite place we don't know what we will be hit with, but can always guarantee that it will provide shock, humour, depth, and a mass amount of curiosity. The current exhibition UK/RAINE is Saatchi's first ever open competition for artists, with the aim to find and support the most imaginative and talented young emerging artists from the UK and Ukraine.

One of our favourites from this exhibition was Shadows by Roman Mikhaylov. This work is an installation of a series of warships created from objects made from burned wood. The artist explains this to be a multi-layer discourse about the time and memory that was actualised by the recent events in the Crimea of Russia. 

Another favourite was the powerful photography from the extremely talented Robin Hammond, who is the third winner of the Carmignac Photojournalism Award. For the work 'Your wounds will be named silence', Hammond looked to Zimbabwe as its subject, highlighting the intense violence and sorrow from the epic decline in the country. Through his intense research he managed to find a hidden urban poverty that others had somehow missed. The way he captured this great deprivation through the darkness of mood and lighting is outstanding, and one we won't forget.

We thoroughly enjoyed every exhibition Saatchi presented to us, from UK/RAINE to Jamie Hewlett: The suggestions, and Thailand Eye. We were certainly moved with an array of touching photography, however uplifted with some bizarre and wacky creations the gallery always has to offer. It's definitely a place that keeps you pondering, and leaves you with an urge of wanting to go back.



UK/RAINE will be running until the 3rd January 2016.



Nottingham Market



Words : Brittany Wilson

Photos : Brittany Wilson


Last weekend we visited and were part of the first ever Nottingham Market hosted by Campbell Cole. This 3 day pop up event took place in the brilliant old fabric mill, Lace Market in Nottingham. With a focus on great design and quality, Nottingham Market showcased the best of the regions contemporary and independent brands, providing a range of clothing, accessories and home wares in a wonderfully characteristic setting. ‘Bringing together good people doing good things', this event truly celebrated local creativity. Within the retail space of the event brilliant activities such as screen printing and letterpress sessions from Lane were available for visitors, along with a bespoke printed t-shirt service by Waste Studio and Universal Works.


Some of our favourites from the event include…

Campbell Cole - Rich vegetable tanned leathers in neutral tones are created into luggage, card cases, and their renowned product- the Simple Key Wrap, all designed with a beautiful minimal aesthetic.

Ideas on Paper – A independent shop providing a curated selection of amazing creative magazines, books, and journals to Nottingham. During this event we got talking to the owner Alex Smith, and he kindly showed us his amazing shop that was tucked away in a small courtyard... confirming that you need to be in the know to find the gems in this city. This shop was simply wonderful, with walls and walls of magazines and books from travel to fashion, creating the perfect hideaway to go an explore your ideal read.

Honest Skincare - A lovely skincare range of handcrafted soaps, bath salts and creams, all created with100% pure ingredients. Incredible scents of jasmine, cardamom, and sandalwood masked their stand, easily luring you in. This brand is extremely involved in every process, so are able to trace everything back to it's source, allowing them to be completely 'honest' with their customers, guaranteeing their natural ingredients and ethical nature.

Mamnick - A menswear brand based in Sheffield with the motto of 'doing one thing at a time, as beautiful as possible'. In addition to creating quality garments, Mamnick works with legendary Sheffield steel to create accessories such as the Chippie fork,Commute Clip, and Everyday Knife.


On the lower level of Nottingham Market was the pop up café, providing locally sourced produce of ciders, coffee, and beautiful fresh bread. Our personal favourite was the Small Food Bakery who is renowned in their area for creating high quality handmade breads and pastries, playfully decorated with a floured 'EY UP'. Nottingham's Blue Barrel Cider was also a hit, catering us with our first mulled cider of the festive season.


Over the 3 days Nottingham Market received a warm welcome from the public, and became a great success. We were so delighted to be involved, having Campbell Cole featuring a selection of the AJOTO Pens on his stand. We love what the event stands for, and hope it won't be a long wait until the next...



Nottingham Market - 2nd & 3rd Floor, 3 - 5 High Pavement, Nottingham, NG1 1HF

To keep up date with any future events follow Nottingham market on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @NottinghamMRKT



Brands showcasing at Nottingham Market

SunspelUniversal WorksTori MurphyOHW?Campbell ColeLaneIn-GridHonest SkincareDanish Homestore • Ideas on PaperRaw PrintWaste Studio •  Joby WoodhouseBlue Barrel Cider200 Degrees CoffeeSmall Food BakeryRough Trade

Campbell Cole Pop-up featuring...

AJOTOAlice Made ThisMamnickGeoffrey FisherInstrmntSue Pryke

Paris Fashion Week



Words : Brittany Wilson

Photos : Brittany Wilson                                                               



In October we travelled to the beautiful city of Paris to discover the many shows showcasing new and emerging talent in Womens fashion and accessories for SS16. During our visit we researched new trends and met some amazing brands and potential collaborators for AJOTO. It was a trip well spent, and in 24 hours we managed to see a wide range of shows, along with fitting in time to eat French bread and red wine by our favourite Parisian spot Canal Saint Martin.


It was a glorious day in Paris, with the sun beaming down on our shoulders, making for the perfect day to wander the elegant streets. Our first point of call was the trade show Premiere Classe, situated in Porte de Versailles. This show featured an array of high-end accessories, jewellery, footwear, and leather goods in several huge white tents. Our personal favourite from Premiere was the Berlin Jewellery brand Ina Beissner. This brand offered both fine and fashion jewellery pieces, all designed with a strong minimal aesthetic, allowing the bold polished metals to speak for themselves. It was a truly stunning collection, and definitely showcased that even in a room of competing brands, that less is more.


Our next visit was to WOMAN, located in an old hot air balloon factory, providing a wonderfully characteristic setting, with curated cutting-edge brands on every level. A favourite brand from this show was the contemporary jewellery brand Sara Lasry, who describes her work as ‘not too big, not too blatant’. Sara’s collection of slim delicate designs was truly elegant, cleverly showcased in her feminine take of brass knuckles.

Another brand we enjoyed from WOMAN was the Japanese luggage brand Cabas. Cabas clearly took their design inspiration from their home country, looking at the traditional Japanese martial art uniforms, and translating this aesthetic into a range of travel items. Evidently shown in their waffle texture and rope handles, a crafted Japanese feel was positively showcased in muted, natural tones.


The final show we visited whilst in Paris was Capsule. The show had moved from its previous modern location, to the grand setting of Tapis Rouge, where ornate gold chandeliers and winding wooden staircases contrasted with modern turquoise strip lighting. On our entrance we were welcomed with complimentary drinks, and a relaxing to rest our feet after a day of constant walking.

Capsule offered such a wide range of brands, exhibiting a variety of looks from fluorescent prints, to minimal clean lines, to traditional crafted leather bags. There was undeniably something there for everyone. One of our favourites from this show included MÊHLÊ; an excellent London based brand, who with the use of sportswear fabrics and statement pleats, created a twist on tailored garments. Their collection ‘2116:Renaissance’ looked to the book ‘The Problem of Space Travel’ for inspiration, creating a vision of work-wear for the year of 2116 in the form of luxe garments. Colours of the sky built the palette for the collection - black, navy, sky blue, orange and light grey.

The East London brand YearOne was definitely another favourite from Capsule. Stunning lightweight silks sat against rich buttery leathers and heavy cottons, in warm tones of maroons and creams, with the added flash of turquoise.


Our short journey in Paris was amazingly inspiring. During this trip we were lucky to meet the wonderful people behind some exciting brands, which might bring some magnificent future collaborations for AJOTO. Keep your eyes pealed!

Fortunately we won’t have to be parted from this city for too long, as Mens Fashion Week is coming soon in January 2016. Until then…